Free Shell Directory

Welcome to the Free Shell Directory! We try to keep an up-to-date listing of free shell providers. Whether you're looking to compile your open-source software, maintain an IRC connection with psyBNC or eggdrop, or learn how to use popular UNIX-based operating systems, we hope this list will point you in the right direction.

Below you will find the list of free shell providers. The specific data we have chosen to display is designed to make your selection of a host as simple as possible. Information we couldn't find is denoted with a question mark. If you feel you can help us with any of this data, please don't be afraid to send us an email. The "OS" column indicates what operating systems a provider offers. If there are multiple operating systems listed, the provider has multiple servers. "Linux" refers to all distributions (e.g., Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, etc.). "BG Procs" means background processes. Typically, these are IRC bots (e.g., eggdrop, emech), clients (e.g., BitchX, irssi), or BNCs (e.g., psyBNC). "Limited" in the IRC column means that the provider places restriction on IRC use. Check the terms of service at that provider's site for more information.

Verify all information presented here at the provider's own site before signing up.

Name OS Connection Disk Quota BG Procs Web Hosting PHP Support Webmail IRC Allowed C/C++ Compiler
SolidShells Linux, FreeBSD 100mbps 50MB 3 No Yes No Yes Yes
GeekShells FreeBSD 6mbps/640kbps 10MB Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
disflux FreeBSD 5mbps/768kbps 50MB home, 50MB www Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unixclan Shells Debian GNU/Linux ADSL None (within reason) Unlimited (within reason) Yes Yes (no CGI) No Yes Yes OpenBSD 100mbps 50MB Allowed Yes Yes No Yes No
Nyx ? ? 2MB ? Yes ? ? Limited ?
Ace Shells Linux 1mbps 5MB 1 Yes Yes Yes Limited ?
AEShells Linux 1.5mbps/256kbps ADSL 200MB 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes No FreeBSD 460kbs 30MB unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes FreeBSD 1mbps/512kbps 5MB 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SDF NetBSD 3x T1 ? ? Yes Yes Yes No ? Linux ? 5MB 0 Yes Yes Yes No No
Silence is Defeat OpenBSD 10mbps 50MB ? Yes ? ? Yes ?
The Forest Linux 3mbps/768kbps ADSL 50MB (10MB mail) 3 (1 bot, 1 bnc) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ? 100MB ? Yes Yes ? Yes ? Linux 512kbps/256kbps ADSL 4MB 1 Yes Yes ? Yes ?
DeathRow OpenVMS Cluster OpenVMS 7.2-1 2x T1 20MB unlimited ? ? ? No Yes
Exodus Linux T3 30MB 2 ? ? ? Yes Yes
FrostMUD Linux 3mbps/768kbps 50-500MB 2 Yes ? Yes Yes ?
Grex SunOS 144kbps DSL 1MB 0 ? ? ? ? ? FreeShell Linux 100mbps multi-homed 6MB 0 Yes Yes Yes No Yes OpenBSD T3 25MB 0 Yes Yes Yes ? Yes
MTV Europe Linux 1mbps 50MB 3 ? ? ? No Yes FreeBSD 10mbps/10mbps 100MB 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes